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Home Court Advantage = Better Shooting = Better Odds?

There’s no denying that playing on their home court automatically gives an advantage to the team against the players on the road. Despite that, you need to remember that there are only limits to how much you can rely on this home court advantage.

Don’t Rely on Home Court Advantage Too Much

This is especially true when it comes to betting in teams with a home-court advantage in the NBA. In fact, statistics say that the teams with home-court advantage only have at least 60% winning chance. There may be improvements such as when it jumped up to 69%, and even underdogs had a 34% winning percentage when they got to play on their home court.

That’s only what it looks like to NBA players and fans, but what does it look like to NBA bettors? When you consider the betting spread for the games (which is essential for NBA betting), then the winning percentage drops down to 48%. This only shows you how important it is to conduct technical analysis on top of relying on home court advantage.

How Home Court Advantage Help Players

So how exactly does home court advantage help players?It’s not exactly how you think. If you think they have a higher chance of winning is because they are more used to their home court then you’re wrong. Because if you think about it, there is no difference whatsoever when it comes to basketball courts, home court or not. It’s like you’re living in another house that is identical to your own. You can live without any difficulties, except maybe if you think it’s not safe, although it is.

That’s how home court advantage works. The teams on the road will think they are not safe or have lower chances of winning, and when they believe that, and thenthey will be less confident. That’s why home court advantage works sometimes, but other times, it does not.

Travelling Can Use Up Energy

Another reason why court advantage home helps players is that the teams on the road trip already spent some of their energy during their road trip. It’s already an established fact that travelling can use up some of your energy. That’s why the home team has a higher chance of winning. They are more rested than the other team and this is called the fatigue factor.

Familiarity Also Helps, Turns Out

Despite having to say that playing in different courts is the same and there’s no difference whatsoever, there actually is a connection. Even if the court itself is the same as other basketball courts, it will change the outcome even if for just a little.

The home team is more familiar to the surroundings, but basketball players are trained to quickly adjust to their environment. That alone makes being familiar with the surrounding not so helpful.

With all these explanations, it still stands that you should not rely on the home court advantage too much. Outcomes will differ and you can’t do anything about it. What you can do is just to predict the outcome through technical analysis.

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