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How Does NBA Proposition Work?

What is NBA Proposition?

Betting with NBA propositions is the same with other markets with propositions. In case you don’t know what proposition market does, it’s when you make a proposal and you’ll earn money if your proposal is what happened, hence the name.

You can say the NBA proposition is mostly over/under. There are types of NBA prop, the team and player propositions. For example with a player prop, you can say a player will score a number of rebounds, points, and assists. For the team, you can make a prop of which team will score first. Learn more about them below. Let’s start with player props.

There are many versions of NBA proposition being introduced and you can expect there will be more than two categories in the future, the NBA draft for example.

NBA Player Props

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With NBA player prop bets, it mainly focuses on the individual performances of each player. This category of NBA prop relies mostly on over and under. For instance, you can bet on LeBron James’ total number of points. You can bet if either he’ll get over 30 points, for example, or under 30 points.

The oddsmakers are the ones drawing the line where you should bet on, in this case, 30 points. You’ll win if you bet under 30 points and LeBron got 24 points only, and you’ll lose if he made 40 points or so.

This is the main basis of every NBA player prop and you’ll have to do research on each player in order for you to maximize your odds. You can check if they have injuries for example or any issues regarding their health.

It doesn’t have to be points only though. You can bet on the number of rebounds, assists, or turnovers too.

NBA Team Props

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Since you already know about NBA player props, this will be easier to understand. It’s not relying mainly on over/under, unlike player props. Instead, it’s focused on under/under betting. For instance, you can bet on which team will score first, Golden State Warriors or Chicago Bulls.

Thus, it’s simpler than that of NBA player props. You can also bet whether which of the team will get 10 points first, 20 points, and so on.

You just have to choose which one will achieve the odds line that the oddsmakers give you and if the outcome aligns to your prediction, then you’ll win your wager.

How To Bet NBA Prop Bets

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So how do you bet NBA prop bets? Despite being a bit harder to understand than the normal wager, playing an NBA prop is actually the same with normal wagers.

You first need to choose an NBA proposition sportsbook. Then you should make a deposit of course. After that, you can now place your NBA prop bets.

So do you now have a better idea of how NBA prop bets work? If so, we have other posts that might help you with NBA betting to maximize your chances of winning. Check out more of our content in Basketball BG.

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Home Court Advantage = Better Shooting = Better Odds?

There’s no denying that playing on their home court automatically gives an advantage to the team against the players on the road. Despite that, you need to remember that there are only limits to how much you can rely on this home court advantage.

Don’t Rely on Home Court Advantage Too Much

This is especially true when it comes to betting in teams with a home-court advantage in the NBA. In fact, statistics say that the teams with home-court advantage only have at least 60% winning chance. There may be improvements such as when it jumped up to 69%, and even underdogs had a 34% winning percentage when they got to play on their home court.

That’s only what it looks like to NBA players and fans, but what does it look like to NBA bettors? When you consider the betting spread for the games (which is essential for NBA betting), then the winning percentage drops down to 48%. This only shows you how important it is to conduct technical analysis on top of relying on home court advantage.

How Home Court Advantage Help Players

So how exactly does home court advantage help players?It’s not exactly how you think. If you think they have a higher chance of winning is because they are more used to their home court then you’re wrong. Because if you think about it, there is no difference whatsoever when it comes to basketball courts, home court or not. It’s like you’re living in another house that is identical to your own. You can live without any difficulties, except maybe if you think it’s not safe, although it is.

That’s how home court advantage works. The teams on the road will think they are not safe or have lower chances of winning, and when they believe that, and thenthey will be less confident. That’s why home court advantage works sometimes, but other times, it does not.

Travelling Can Use Up Energy

Another reason why court advantage home helps players is that the teams on the road trip already spent some of their energy during their road trip. It’s already an established fact that travelling can use up some of your energy. That’s why the home team has a higher chance of winning. They are more rested than the other team and this is called the fatigue factor.

Familiarity Also Helps, Turns Out

Despite having to say that playing in different courts is the same and there’s no difference whatsoever, there actually is a connection. Even if the court itself is the same as other basketball courts, it will change the outcome even if for just a little.

The home team is more familiar to the surroundings, but basketball players are trained to quickly adjust to their environment. That alone makes being familiar with the surrounding not so helpful.

With all these explanations, it still stands that you should not rely on the home court advantage too much. Outcomes will differ and you can’t do anything about it. What you can do is just to predict the outcome through technical analysis.

NBA Betting Tips NBA Teams

Making Use of Fatigue Factor in NBA Betting

How Important is the Fatigue Factor?

Here’s a familiar scenario:

You haven’t slept for days and you’re going to go to a marathon. There’s no denying that you will not win nor have a winning chance for the least. Now think of yourself as an NBA player. With less rest, you’ll be less effective.

So why am I saying this? There are many cases where NBA teams have to play three to five games in a row out of town. Not only will it be physically tiresome, but it will also be mentally tiring too if they suffer some losses.

That’s why the ability to use the infamous fatigue factor can be the difference whether you’ll win or lose money on your NBA betting.So here are ways to do this.

Monitor NBA Team Schedules

Before you bet on NBA teams, you should figure out how much their fatigue is worth betting on by checking their schedules. You can monitor teams that have less rest than others and bet on their opponents. You can also check well-rested teams and bet on them directly.

As previously mentioned, it could also be mentally tiring for NBA players. For that reason, make sure you check if they won their previous games or not. If they won three games in a row for example, even with little rest, they may have the momentum. If they lost more than they won, however, it’s soul-crushing for them and the lower their chances of winning.

Also, check out their schedule if they’ve been on the road on their previous games. If so, then they’re extra tired, mostly physically as it takes energy to travel around. If they are, however, on their home court for the previous games, the fatigue factor is not as effective.

Don’t Worry About Good Teams

Even the smartest people can be ignorant at times. The same goes for good NBA teams. They tend to disappoint and fail to cover your expectations. Even with a lot of fans cheering for them or how good their coach is, they can still suffer from the infamous fatigue factor.

While it’s true that it might be less effective, it can still affect the performance of a good team negatively if they spend time on the road, with no sleep, and with crushing defeats.

It’s no denying that teams like Golden State Warriors or Chicago Bulls have disappointed you at least once. For all you know, they might have suffered from fatigue factor at that time.

However, don’t forget to rely on technical analysis, too with your betting. Here at Basketball BG, we provide tips on how to properly analyze NBA teams and maximize your odds through solid data and analysis.And with that, feel free to check out more of our content.

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