Find out the teams and players in NBA that have the highest chance of winning in their matches.

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How Does NBA Proposition Work?

What is NBA Proposition?

Betting with NBA propositions is the same with other markets with propositions. In case you don’t know what proposition market does, it’s when you make a proposal and you’ll earn money if your proposal is what happened, hence the name.

You can say the NBA proposition is mostly over/under. There are types of NBA prop, the team and player propositions. For example with a player prop, you can say a player will score a number of rebounds, points, and assists. For the team, you can make a prop of which team will score first. Learn more about them below. Let’s start with player props.

There are many versions of NBA proposition being introduced and you can expect there will be more than two categories in the future, the NBA draft for example.

NBA Player Props

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With NBA player prop bets, it mainly focuses on the individual performances of each player. This category of NBA prop relies mostly on over and under. For instance, you can bet on LeBron James’ total number of points. You can bet if either he’ll get over 30 points, for example, or under 30 points.

The oddsmakers are the ones drawing the line where you should bet on, in this case, 30 points. You’ll win if you bet under 30 points and LeBron got 24 points only, and you’ll lose if he made 40 points or so.

This is the main basis of every NBA player prop and you’ll have to do research on each player in order for you to maximize your odds. You can check if they have injuries for example or any issues regarding their health.

It doesn’t have to be points only though. You can bet on the number of rebounds, assists, or turnovers too.

NBA Team Props

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Since you already know about NBA player props, this will be easier to understand. It’s not relying mainly on over/under, unlike player props. Instead, it’s focused on under/under betting. For instance, you can bet on which team will score first, Golden State Warriors or Chicago Bulls.

Thus, it’s simpler than that of NBA player props. You can also bet whether which of the team will get 10 points first, 20 points, and so on.

You just have to choose which one will achieve the odds line that the oddsmakers give you and if the outcome aligns to your prediction, then you’ll win your wager.

How To Bet NBA Prop Bets

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So how do you bet NBA prop bets? Despite being a bit harder to understand than the normal wager, playing an NBA prop is actually the same with normal wagers.

You first need to choose an NBA proposition sportsbook. Then you should make a deposit of course. After that, you can now place your NBA prop bets.

So do you now have a better idea of how NBA prop bets work? If so, we have other posts that might help you with NBA betting to maximize your chances of winning. Check out more of our content in Basketball BG.

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Five Tips You Should Know Before Betting on the NBA

When it comes to sports betting, the NBA is a conference that is not to be belittled. It offers a lot of golden opportunities to make your money.

Due to the non-stop action happening right now in NBA, there are also very drastic changes that keep you from making the right bet.

However, there is a way to predict even the most significant changes in the NBA. So in this article, we’ll discuss the five tips you should know before you start betting on the NBA.

Making Use of the Fatigue Factor

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It’s only natural to get tired after a match and players will always need to get some rest. However, this doesn’t always happen as they need to play a lot of games after the previous one. You should make use of this factor also called “fatigue factor” where teams aren’t getting enough and it affects their performance negatively.

Focus Only On The Key Statistics

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There are many statistics when it comes to NBA betting, but some of them aren’t really that significant and it does little to no changes when you rely on them. You don’t need to rely on them. You should only focus on key statistics which are rebounds, turnovers, and point average.

Manage Your Money Efficiently

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There are times when you’ll bet more than you can afford to lose. Just remember that this will affect not only the match you bet on but also your future bets. Make sure that even though you are 99% that a team will win, you only bet less or equal to three per cent of your current bankroll.

The Home Court Advantage

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Another factor in addition to the fatigue factor that increases the chances of a team winning and the other loss is the home court advantage. Surely you already know how teams do better in their home court than on the road.With that said, check the schedule of teams and see if they’re playing at home or on the road.

Relish Every Moment

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It’s important that you monitor the changes a team is experiencing 24 hours before the actual game. This is because there might’ve been a major injury in place, a player improvement, or some other things that will greatly affect the chance of the team winning, either positively or negatively. This will give you enough data to ensure that you’ll win your bet.

Make sure to apply all of this and not only one, two, or three. In NBA betting, it’s important that you make use everything at your disposal in order to maximize your chances of winning your bets and making profits.

NBA Picks

Basketball Players Improvements You Definitely Need to Bet On

This time, we’ll be listing the top picks for each team and players that have the highest chance of winning, based on technical analysis and data.

The data where this list is derived from is made possible by analyzing the basketball player improvements that each team has undergone. Let’s start with the value picks.

Value Picks

Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade is expected to play a major role in the upcoming games. Not only did he improve, but the teamwork of his team did, too.

Kelly Olynyk

Kelly Olynyk is also having a great play on his most recent games and is expected to continue this spree. In fact, he is getting pure punts in this massive slate of the game.

Top Pick

Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony experienced a concussion recently that disabled him to play two games. However, with his recovery, he is now expected to bring a significant change for his team.

Also, Consider:

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons had only shown up just a couple of days ago and this is great news for his team. He made good on his previous games and surely he’ll do the same in the upcoming matches.

Derick Rose

Derick Rose might not be one of the first five, but if Teague is subbed by the team, Rose will get in. If that happens, he will play a major role as he is gaining momentum on his previous games.

Delon Wright

While Delon Wright is not exactly the fan favorite for Memphis Grizzlies, but they did the right team acquiring him for the team. He’s currently having a good play and if he plays next, he is likely to do good as well.

Eric Bledsoe

The Milwaukee Bucks is not yet finished with their game, although they’re missing some of their games this season. Bledsoe in particularly is anticipated to have a good play due to his great DK PPG of 32.4.

James Harden

Just like Ben Simmons, Harden is also likely to play The Hawks this upcoming matches and this will surely be an increase in power for the team, especially now that he’s been doing great on his most recent games.

Khris Middleton

Khris Middleton also possesses a great DK PPG of 33.69 along with Eric Bledsoe in the Milwaukee Bucks. Due to the injury of their opponents, they are likely to do even better on the upcoming match against The Bulls.

LeBron James

It’s already undeniable that LeBron James possesses a great DK points which are 64.75 in his last game against The Pelicans. While it may be different in the upcoming matches, it’s only natural that he can do better than that.

Steph Curry

Another great pick is Steph Curry. Besides the fact that he’s a great player overall, he’s also been doing better than normal in his previous games this season.

There are many factors that affect the winning chance of a basketball team. Not only is it affected by the DK points of players, but also how much their fatigue factor is, for example. You can learn about other factors such as the fatigue factor in Basketball BG.